Introduction:Our Story

We are a full-service Indian restaurant with a contemporary twist, in our food, our décor and our approach. We take pride in our services and place great importance on the quality and freshness of every ingredient we use. Our food mantra is simple, fresh, flavorful and colorful food that appeals to all five senses.

Our chef believes that the food we serve should transfer you, in spirit, to the region it originated from. Therefore, every recipe has been painstakingly gathered from kitchens all across South-East Asia.

Mint Indian Bistro offers a unique dining experience, as exotic and enchanting as this fusion of Hindu and Buddhist Cultures. From tandoor delicacies, curries and naans, momos, to tangy chaats and crispy dosas, we have it all!

No matter what dietary philosophy you follow, we have something for everyone. 

We believe you shouldn’t have to lose out on taste just because you follow a special diet. We therefore cater to special diet groups like vegetarians and vegans. We also serve Halal meat and gluten-free delicacies. 

So whether you like your curry hot, super-hot or inferno-style, we will custom-make it to your individual taste.


Vision& Purpose

Our Vision

Mint Indian Bistro is the place where families, friends colleagues meet around a common love for authentic Indian food. Mint Indian Bistro, (specifically our Southwest location), transcends a typical Indian

restaurant by putting its heart and soul into providing an enhanced and complete customer dining experience through a diverse menu, live presentations and other unique elements, never before seen in an Indian restaurant.

Our Purpose

Mint Indian Bistro seeks to create a comfortable, fun environment that provides the discerning customer with a complete customer experience.



Our Tagline

Our food mantra is simple, fresh, flavorful, and colorful food that appeals to all 5 senses.


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Inthe News

We're innovative. Our customers love us. The media loves us.

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OurUnique Culture & Core Values

We wear our culture on our sleeves

Our team members are the touch points between Mint Bistro and our customers. We understand their role in creating a  great dining experience. We have therefore invested in designing a culture that meets the needs of our team beyond monetary incentives, which helps us not only reduce turnover and attract new talent, but also helps us in growing our staff members professionally as well as delivering our promise to our customers.

Our7 Points of Culture

  1. Deliver a WOW experience
    through high standards and exemplary service.
  2. Be innovative and embrace change
  3. Build open and honest relationships
  4. Be passionate and have fun
  5. Be respectful and courteous
  6. Be positive in our communication
  7. Empower each other through teamwork


OurWinning Team

Meet the husband-wife team that started the restaurant, and added a great talent pool to run the restaurant.
Kris Parikh: Conceptualizer & the “Make it Happen” guy
Kris started Mint Indian Bistro in 2008 to bring Indian food to the main stream around the world.

Bindi Parikh: Co-founder & the Chief Tasting Champion 
Bindi is our taster extraordinnaire – she brings her flair for cooking and the innate foodie in her has helped us innovate and come up with unique elements in our menu and decor.

Lok: Chef & The Lord of the Flavors
Our chef Lok makes the magic happen on the kitchen floor as he whips out flavors and dishes that align with our food philosophy. His passion for delicious, high quality food runs our kitchen.

Cheerleading Captain Or Director of First Impressions
You’ll likely see Sujal when you first enter our restaurant. He manages the restaurant and will do whatever it takes to give you a complete dining experience.