Indulge your senses
Our Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy is simple, fresh, flavorful, and colorful food that appeals to all 5 senses.



They say you eat with your eyes. That’s why we focus on the simple, elegant, and (sometimes) dramatic enticement of our dishes. Feast your eyes with our artful food presentation as your food comes straight to your plate straight from our live tandoor: sculpted, vibrant, aesthetic, made up. Yes, our chef likes to show off, to shock, and to entertain.


Of the five senses, smell is the most direct. It is a prelude to the dish that’s coming your way. You know something magical is in the air, when you taste the flavors before you have had a single bite. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aromas that come from flavors, some delicate, some complex – but always aromatic. We use our own freshly prepared spice mixes, and the freshest of herbs and ingredients crafted together and wafting gently through the air.


When such complex flavors (as we craft in our kitchen) come together, something radical happens at a molecular level. From plate to palate, you can taste the freshness,the richness, and the complexity of high quality, authentic Indian food. We adjust every dish to your spice tolerance and dietary preferences, including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. We only use all natural, antibiotic free meats.


Nothing quite compares to the music made by the sizzle of kebab platters, the sound of biting into a crisp papadum, or the satisfaction that comes from slurping your favorite curries.


Feel the rich, varying textures of food, break the bread with your hands, and savor every bite so you can really enjoy the full dining experience at Mint Indian Bistro.

Mint Indian Bistro - Paradise


730 E Flamingo RdSte 10,
Las Vegas, NV 89119-6997

Phone: 702 894 9334

Lunch Buffet: 7 days a week (including Holidays and Weekends)

From 11 AM to 4 PM

Dinner: 7 Days a Week

From 4 PM to 11:30 PM

We are open on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Years Day.